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A new concept is born ready to collect Magic Moments from Happy Families in Kissimmee, Florida. 

Discover the artists, celebrities, influencers and famous personalities who choose Magic Moment Resort!


Editions where we were highlighted.

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Adolfo Cambiaso

Adolfo Cambiaso is considered one of the most outstanding and successful polo players of all time. Born in Argentina in 1975, Cambiaso has made an indelible mark on the world of polo with his exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. He is known for his unparalleled skill on the field, his prowess in horseback riding, and his ability to lead teams to victory.

The fact that Adolfo Cambiaso has chosen Magic Moment Resort to establish a partnership for his polo team wearing our t-shirts is a testament to the prestige and quality that our hotel represents. His choice underscores the traditional family values that Magic Moment promotes, as Cambiaso is known not only for his skill in polo but also for his dedication to his own family and community.

The Number One In The World
Chooses Magic Moment Resort!

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Celebrating Family Love
and Professional Excellence!

Lucas Bertero

It's a special honor that Lucas Bertero chose Magic Moment Resort for his first time visiting the magical land of Orlando with his son Teo. It was much more than their visit; it was a celebration of the family values and traditions deeply valued by both him and our Hotel.

With a son he adores and a career that has made him a respected public figure, Lucas exemplifies dedication not just professionally, but personally as well. His presence at the hotel strengthens our values as a place where family love is celebrated enriching the experience for all who choose to stay with us.

Thank You Lucas Bertero for choosing Magic Moment Resort!

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Creating Magic Moments
With Your Family!

As Tony Robbins says, “It doesn’t need to break the bank… we found the place! This is a GEM!”

Tony Robbins, the globally acclaimed life coach and author, has lavished praise on our hotel, designating it as an idyllic retreat for the family.

That such a respected and renowned figure as him recognizes and recommends Magic Moment Resort represents a tremendous pride for us and it's an indication that the place not only meets the standards of quality and service he advocates but also provides an environment conducive to family connection.

In this light, his recommendation signals to families looking for enriching experiences that Magic Moment Resort is a destination where they can grow closer and create lasting memories all within a safe and inspiring setting.

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We are proud to be official sponsors of this beautiful initiative that revalues families and the traditional values.

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Libre Para Amar is a Christian-based Foundation created to provide support for the strengthening and restoration of Marriages and Families.

Their manuals and the entire program are based on solid biblical foundations, as well as some knowledge of modern psychology and the experience of many successful marriages.

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Verónica Ojeda took her son Dieguito Maradona to visit Disneyworld and chose Magic Moment Resort!

Vero and her son stayed at the number 1 hotel for families in Kissimmee, Magic Moment Resort. They were greeted with a room full of toys and surprises, which Dieguito started playing with immediately. Together, they visited the incredible playground, enjoyed the pool, and went out to explore the parks. A dream family trip that none of them will ever forget.

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Miami Sharks Logo .png


We are absolutely thrilled to announce this partnership with Miami Sharks! As the Major League Rugby season roared to life this February, a monumental alliance was forged with none other than Inter Miami.

This collaboration symbolizes our shared values, embodies a strong s
ense of community, and reflects the importance of spending time
together as a family through outdoor sports.

Together, we’ll champion the values of unity, teamwork, family, and
sharing every moment with fervor. Because each match is a unique
and unforgettable experience as life is a collection of moments
and every moment deserves to be fully lived. 



They choose
Magic Moment

Magic Moment has become the favorite family hotel for notable celebrities and influencers, all of whom have shared unforgettable moments with their families at our hotel.

We're deeply thankful to each one for adding their sparkle to our story. In return, we've aimed to etch equally priceless memories into their hearts. It's been a journey of shared smiles, laughter, and family bonding that we're incredibly proud to be a part of.

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Brenda Rovero

Mom of twins, lifestyle and travel blogger, coach, and content creator, Brenda chose Magic Moment Resort for her family vacation. She has shared her experience, recommending Magic Moment to her over 200k followers on Instagram.

Carlos Torres

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Carlos Torres is a Colombian actor widely recognized for his charisma, talent, and versatility in acting, which has allowed him to stand out internationally. His fame is largely due to his participation in successful telenovelas and series that have been distributed and acclaimed in several countries through Netflix, crossing borders.

He has shared his experience at Magic Moment Resort with his wife and child with his nearly 6 million followers.

Sally De Rogatis

Sally, mother of two boys and a beloved influencer on Instagram, showcases the day-to-day of her motherhood and shares with more than 100k followers on Instagram fun moments from her adventures and travels. It's an honor for us that she and her family choose Magic Moment for each of their trips to Kissimmee!

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